Jeff Peer

Mr. Peer enjoyed an extensive professional career as an operational pilot/instructor pilot in the Israel Air Force between the years of 1961-1984, initially attaining positions of Deputy Squadron Commander (F-4) and Head of Instructor Pilot Training for the Air Force Academy. In 1976 he became Chief Test Pilot and subsequently the Commanding Officer of the Israeli Air Force Flight Test Center. He served in this position until his retirement in 1984.

Mr. Peer's military flying background includes over 20 years as an operational pilot in over 30 types of aircraft, both of European and U.S. design. Among these aircraft are the SuperMystere B2, the Mirage III, the Kfir C-2, the F-4E and the F-15, all of which were flown in combat. He is credited with more than 5 confirmed kills and retained full operational status throughout, and including, his military test pilot career.

Mr. Peer was employed by Calspan Corporation (a part of General Dynamics) in Buffalo New York, from1985 until 2005. In addition to administering the flight department as Chief Test Pilot and Director of Flight Operations, he continued to serve as Engineering Test Pilot on many research projects, most concerned with flight-control-system research and simulation and with integrated avionics systems testing. Additionally, he instructed at the USAF and the USN Test Pilot Schools, as well as in Europe, in the fields of flying qualities, piloted evaluations, and aircraft stability and control. Mr. Peer was the primary General Dynamics Test Pilot for the NF-16D Variable stability In-flight Simulator Test Aircraft (VISTA) and was a member of the Saab/Swedish Air Force International Advisory Board on Flying Qualities and Flight Control Design. In addition to the F-16, he was a command pilot in the General Dynamics/Calspan Variable Stability Learjets and the NC-131 Total In-Flight Simulator (a highly modified Convair 580).

Mr. Peer was designated by General Dynamics/Calspan as the Chief Pilot for the International Tactical Training Center, a new organization that was to provide tactical training to US allies in the F-16 and other military aircraft.

In 2006 Mr. Peer joined Adam Aircraft as Senior Experimental Test Pilot. In this capacity he performed company developmental and FAA certification flights in the disciplines of performance, stability and control and systems, on the A500 centerline thrust twin piston and on the A700 VLJ.

As a hobby, Mr. Peer has owned and flown a Pitts S-2B aircraft for many years, participating in air shows throughout the Northeastern US as a solo aerobatic performer. Until recently he owned and flew an Extra 300, which he used for aerobatic practice.